What is a Session like?

What is a session like?

First of all, together we establish the goals and purpose for the therapy.
I listen carefully to your story. It is essential to establish a safe space and confidentiality is an essential part of it.

When you are ready, we move on to the treatment table. You lie down on your back, fully clothed.


Craniosacral therapy works with light body contact and some dialogue.

I will gently put my hands on your body. I usually start at the shoulders or the ankles and might stay there for the entire session or move to other parts, depending on what I sense. The time spent on the table is about 40-45 minutes.

As a Craniosacral therapist, I hold a safe and neutral space. It is a subtle process in which maintaining neutrality is essential. This is when space is created, and within this space, there is a sense of deep listening where the body feels free to express and release what it needs to at this moment.


Every session is unique and responses can be very varied.

As the nervous system and whole body relaxes, you may experience tingling feelings, warmth, muscle twitches, deeps sighs, yawning, tears, stomach gurgling. Then as the session unfolds, people have described some of the following sensations: lightness, spaciousness, joy, floating, oneness, peace, meditative state.  Sometimes pain may arise as the body re-organizes itself, releasing a trauma or tension that was held. When there is trauma, the body compensates in its very own way to maintain balance. That’s why sometimes we have pain in areas that were not in direct relation with the trauma (may it be a fall, a hit etc.).

The therapy is so gentle that your system will not release anything it is not ready to. I simply listen to your pace and priorities, I acknowledge the personal experiences in a non-judgmental way and allow the system to come to me with its story.  It is your system that makes the changes, my role is to support the changes that are possible.

Our journeys however are very personal and individual. Each one of us will respond in different ways, and each might have a different experience in every session. Craniosacral Therapy is subtle and profound, the changes keep unfolding even after the session. You may feel tired after a session, as the body integrates the work, and may need to take time to rest and sleep; and sometimes you may feel completely refreshed, energized and full of life.

All the sensations you may feel during the session will bring your awareness into your body, gently weaving a language that will allow you to embody yourself, to connect with your body, inhabit it fully.

Craniosacral Therapy is also wonderful for babies and children.